CCSSO Literacy Summit: Pre- K to Grade 3
This is from the CCSSO Literacy Summit in January 2020. It was the last presentation, so pulls in a number of references to other discussions the attendees had already heard. (“Headline” names included Louisa Moats, David Steiner and Emily Hanford.)
The focus of this presentation was on the DC School District’s pre-K program, and then how Mississippi turned its reading scores around. Especially noteworthy was the MS presenter’s emphasis that the initiatives were state-driven. As such, the state put literacy coaches in all the schools. (That way, individual school principles could not reassign the coaches.) Teacher prep programs were overhauled so that incoming teachers actually knew how to teach reading. She also goes over the legislation involved that implemented the programs.
Another discussion of special note here is from the Arkansas rep, describing how they turned around the issue of struggling readers in upper grades and high school.
Finally, researcher Emily Solaris answers a question about addressing diverse reading needs by classroom teachers. She notes that the instruction can be the same for diverse learners, but that the level of intensity might need to be adjusted. She ends by saying that ideally the classroom teacher should be able to address the needs of all of them, even those “7 to 8 students” who continue to struggle. With that last point I must disagree. Those are most likely the dyslexics in the class, and need “Tier 3” reading interventions (under the Response to Intervention protocals currently in place).
All in all, an excellent assemblage of voices and experiences.

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